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Research has indicated to us that students in KS3 sometimes struggle to make the transition from KS2 to KS3. The challenges often manifest themselves in poor attendance, engagement and behaviour.

The most vulnerable and the majority of our SEND students who struggle in transition are well supported in mainstream via the SEND team.

There remains an annual cohort who struggle to display “secondary ready” behaviours; either from the beginning of transition or after a period of time. The majority of these students are in receipt of the Pupil Premium and as such are also a priority cohort.

Identifying Appropriate Students

The College has a strong pastoral structure with a robust behaviour monitoring system known as IRIS. IRIS holds a pastoral record of the student.

We have clear expectations for the behaviour of our students, taking into consideration factors that can effect how a student behaves.

Below is our Behavior Pyramid showing the circumstances where a KS3 student may find themselves registered to attend our turn-around provision.

Supporting the Students

Staff will offer a fully supportive environment offering constant guidance as to the fastest way to re-join the main student body at Walker Technology College. Systems and procedures will be as close as is operationally possible to those at Walker Technology College. Students will follow a rigorous academic timetable in line with WTC consisting of Maths, English. Science, Geography, History, MFL, Art and reading. A huge focus will be on the following key skills for learning:

► Self awareness and confidence –

The staff will endeavour to build self-confidence and esteem by encouraging students to ask for help and openly discuss problems through a mentor programme. Students will learn that their opinion is valued and they will be encouraged to take pride in themselves, their conduct and appearance at all times.

► Skills for learning –

Students will be immersed in an environment that is completely focused on classroom management developing their ability over time to follow simple instructions, work alone and organise themselves.

► Social skills –

Staff will encourage students act in a manner that allows them to interact in a positive way with their peers and teaching staff. They will learn appropriate communication skills such as listening and when to join in a conversation as well as developing good manners and empathy for others.

► Self control and management of behaviour –

Young people will learn that discipline is the key to being able to take part in successful lessons and that within this they can control their emotions appropriately. Students will also be taught strategies that will help them control their emotions in a more effective manner.

Development of a programme of assessment to determine potential need

The provision will:

    • Complete a full SEN screen of old and current data;
    • Revisit KS2 SATs in order to establish a realistic starting point;
    • Carry out classroom observation with a range of professionals;
    • Complete a basic reading test that allows frequent testing to indicate the smallest improvement;
    • Carry out a behaviour audit of historic incidents;
    • Invite Local Authority behaviour team to take part in assessment week; and
    • Follow up all current referrals to other agencies stating urgency due to situation.

Development of a provision fit for purpose

This will include a:

    • Curriculum closely linked to WTC;
    • Scheme of work that is matching and in line with the curriculum at Walker Technology College, so that students don’t fall behind;
    • Dress code in line with WTC;
    • Mentor programme allocating one student per day to each member of staff;
    • Programme designed and developed to encourage reading;
    • Reading test, which it teacher led, than can show progress over time;
    • Regular core meeting that invites relevant agencies, such as the Youth Offending Team, Family Support and Social Services, to take place at the provision;
    • Measure and display of student progress; monitoring attendance, behaviour, engagement and academic achievement; and
    • Quality Marking approach to marking that is in line with procedure at Walker Technology College.

Our core intention is to encourage student desire to return to WTC

This will be encouraged through:

    • A prevention of students represent the College at sports;
    • Students not being allowed to attend school events;
    • Creating a highly visual provision that encourages learning;
    • Students writing in brand new exercise books so that every aspect of their attendance at the provision represents a 'fresh start'; and
    • Daily reminders to students about how they can return to mainstream education and the Walker Technology College main site.


There are currently no medication issues within the provision; however, a secure lockable cabinet is available within which medication can be stored should it be required. Medplans will be completed by Mr Mick Harriott, should they be needed, following the WTC system. Mr Harriott has completed a one-day administering medication course.

First Aid

There are currently four staff who have completed first aid training however all are due to complete the refresher training.

SEND Provision

Mr Bickerdike met with WTC SENCO and has/will discuss each member of the cohort at length.

There are currently 7 of the students who have an SEND identified; however, all are so low level that no intervention is currently in place or planned.

Any future SEND will be addressed through the large staff to student ratio and Mrs Hart.

Staff Responsibilities

    • Mr D. Bickerdike – Lead professional responsible for the provision.

Transition back to mainstream

Students MUST:

    • Have minimum 90% attendance over a half term period;
    • Have completed all sanctions over six-week period; and
    • Be constantly scoring over 50/80 within the social skills measuring system in place.

Transition will be supported by turnaround staff in agreement with WTC pastoral staff.

If you have any further queries about our new Turn-Around Provision, please contact the College directly using the details found on our CONTACT US page.

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