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KS4 Results 2015-16

This cohort of Yr11 students had the lowest ever starting point for many years in Yr7 so our ambition was always to ensure they made above expected progress. Indeed, the DfE have removed headline attainment measures for 5 A*-C grades including En and Ma in favour of a more rounded progress measure across 8 subjects, known as Progress 8. They are also interested in Progress made specifically in Maths and English as well as a single attainment measure known as 'the Basics' or more specifically the % of students achieving at least a C grade in both English and maths. Our performance measures were (updated Jan. 17);

English → 71% A*-C, Progress +0.25

Maths → 59% A*-C, Progress +0.15

English and Maths combined (achieving a good pass) → 52%

Progress 8 Score → -0.14 (floor standard -0.5)

English Baccalaureate → 8 % (of 14% (of full Yr 11 cohort) entered)

Average Attainment 8 score → 43.40

► If would like further detail on how school performance was monitored during the last academic year please click HERE to access the Department for Education guidance.

► To view our KS4 details on the Performance and School Statistics League Tables please click HERE.

Destination of Leavers


This data, published in October 2016, is for pupils who completed Year 11/KS4 in 2014, which is the most recent data available. There were 174 in this Yr11 cohort.


→ In EDUCATION - 86%


► Breakdown of students in EDUCATION:

→ At a Further Education College or other FE provider - 25%

→ At a state funded SCHOOL SIXTH FORM - 59%

→ At a state funded SIXTH FORM COLLEGE - 0%

→ Other education destinations - 2%


KS5 Results 2015-16

We were delighted that all students aiming for University places achieved sufficient UCAS points for their first choices, with the exception of two students who achieved sufficient for their insurance offers, which they took up. The average grade overall at A Level was a Grade C-.

Vocational results post-16 were very strong as ever with the average grade being a Distinction.

Our performance measures for KS5 have now been updated (March 17) with the final validated data for our 2015-16 cohort;

Value Added Score (showing progress compared to students country wide):

-0.17 (Academic A-Level courses)

0.59 (Applied General courses)

Average Grade:

C- (Academic A-Level courses)

Distinction+ (Applied General courses)

Distinction- (Tech. Level courses)

■ Level 2, GCSE progress:

0.5 (English)

0 (Maths)

Student Retention:

77% (Academic A-Level courses)

95% (Applied General courses)

100% (Tech Level courses)

90.32% (Whole cohort)

► To view our KS5 details on the Performance and School Statistics League Tables please click HERE.

Destination of Leavers


This data is for Year 13/KS5 students who left Walker Technology College in the academic year 2015-16. There were 77 in this Yr13 cohort.

→ Studying at UNIVERSITY - 23.75%

→ In TRAINING or EDUCATION (other than University) - 21.25%

→ On an APPRENTICESHIP - 13.75%


→ Seeking an APPRENTICESHIP- 13.75%

→ Seeking EMPLOYMENT - 7.5%

→ Taking a GAP YEAR - 1.25%

NEET - 10%

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