The College day begins for Yr7/Yr8/Yr9/Yr10 with registration at 09:10 and ends at 14:45.

For Yr11, the College day starts at 08:50 with Period Zero; a designated 40 minute session with either their maths or English teacher.

There are five periods a day.

Any activities that run before the College begins may run anytime from 07:30 – 09:00.

Scheduled after College activities will occur within the time frame 14:45 – 16:55.

Lunchtimes are split, by year group, throughout period four and run on a weekly carousel.

Lunch sittings are:

Lunch 1 – 12:27 – 12:48

Lunch 2 – 12:48 – 13:09

Lunch 3 – 13:09 – 13:30

Lunch 4 – 13:30 – 13:51

For your convenience, download the pdf of our College timings. →

To view our timetable of after-school activities and clubs, please view the Club section of our CALENDAR page or, alternatively, details can be found on both the PARENTS and STUDENTS pages.

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